GTA V and GTA: San Andreas for Android are scam apps

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It’s time once again to blow the lid off more gaming-related scam apps for Android. We’ve called out a fair share of Temple Run scam apps recently, but a game doesn’t have to be new in order to attract shady persons. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to GTA San Andreas!!!! which is a free app in Google Play. It claims to be a complete version of GTA: San Andreas made for Android, but it’s not. It’s a scam.

This app’s developer is named LightVirtual. LightVirtual has a number of apps in Google Play. The majority (if not all) of its apps are scams. LightVirtual has apps claiming to be GTA V, Avatar: The Game (LightVirtual used screenshots from IGN for that game) and Football Manager 2012. Non-gaming apps include supposed discographies from popular artists such as Rihanna, Laura Pausini and Emma Marrone.

These apps aren’t real. Based on the reviews, the apps tell you to install something, but nothing seemingly happens. These apps don’t seem to mind sending some ads your way though.

Avoid everything LightVirtual does, don’t download anything from Google Play without reading the reviews first and report developers that prey on innocent people. Follow the link below to report this developer and others to Google.

Report Apps Link [Google]

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  • Lars vegar

    Can you give me the link to gta san andreas. plase.