Google removes blatant scam apps from Google Play

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I’m feeling quite pleased right now because Google Play has been rid of a few so-called gaming apps that were just covers for shameful spamming operations. These apps were also among the few we’ve been reporting on over the past several days. As of now, the fake Grand Theft Auto apps and some $0.99 Flash games have been taken down.

We talked about the fake GTA: San Andreas, GTA V and Avatar: The Game apps a couple days ago. If you search for them in Google Play, they’re no longer there. Sadly, the developer of these apps, LightVirtual, still have content in Google Play in the form of discographies and a few entertainment apps. Let’s see if we can get some of those wiped out too.

The $0.99 Flash versions of Final Fantasy RPG and The Legend of Zelda: Seeds of Darkness have also been taken down. I can’t find anything by the developer (Edtoolx) either.

Much like weeds, we can expect more scams to replace the dead ones. We’ll keep a lookout for them and will call them out as we catch them.

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