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Thanks to the success of Double Fine’s Kickstarter project, which has made over $3 million, other developers are looking to the site to make games they want to make with fan financing. The latest is inXile entertainment, the developer of The Bard’s Tale, Line Rider and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Its founder, Brian Fargo, was the founder of Interplay Productions and created Wasteland, one of the first post-apocalytic RPGs. Fargo and inXile have always wanted to do a sequel and is hoping fans will support Wasteland 2 through Kickstarter.

Wasteland was and always has been considered a trendsetting game. The original offered multiple party members, had a post apocalyptic scenario, required players to think to solve puzzles and made players make choices that later affected gameplay. It was the inspiration for Fallout. Now, inXile wants Wasteland to be great again with Wasteland 2 and has plenty of rewards available for donors.

Here are the pledge levels and rewards for pledging.

  • $15 or more: DRM free download of Wasteland 2 and a Kickstarter-exclusive skill.
  • $30 or more: The $15 pledge reward, digital soundtrack and digital Wasteland 2 Concept Art Book.
  • $50 or more: A box copy of Wasteland 2 with cloth map, instruction book, digital art book, digital soundtrack, episodic Novella (Part 1) by Mike Stackpole.
  • $75 or more: The previous reward, early access to the playable beta on Steam and Novella (Part 2) by Mike Stackpole
  • $100 or more: The previous reward and your standard boxed edition of Wasteland 2 is upgraded to a Collector’s Edition box that includes the game, map, instruction book, faction badge and miniature. Your name also appears in the game’s credits.
  • $150 or more: The previous reward, a numbered, collectible coin and a poster.
  • $250 or more: The previous reward, 2 downloads of Wasteland 2 so you can keep the Collector’s Edition sealed. Also, Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish and Mike Stackpole will sign the Collector’s edition. You also get a lv1 Desert Ranger medal of honor. Only 1,000 of these are available.
  • $500 or more: The previous reward, a Wasteland Doomsday Preparation Survival Kit in a Wasteland bag and a lv2 Desert Ranger medal of honor. Only 500 of these are available.
  • $1,000 or more: The previous reward, 5 download copies of the game, a lv3 Desert Ranger medal and you’ll be a NPC, weapon or location in the game. Only 100 of these are available.
  • $2,500 or more: Previous reward, Exploded Blood Sausage signed and numbered figure, 10 download copies of the game and a lv4 Desert Ranger medal. Only 100 are available.
  • $5,000 or more: Previous reward and an in-game statue will be made of you and put into Wasteland 2. They will sign and frame concept art for you. They will give you 30 free downloads of Wasteland 2 in addition to your signed Collector’s Edition, which includes another copy of the game. You also get a lv5 Desert Ranger medal. Only 10 of these are available.
  • $10,000 or more: Previous reward and you are invited to a party in Newport Beach, CA hosted by Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish and the Wasteland 2 developers. A shrine will be built in Wasteland 2 to honor you. You get a Desert Ranger medal and you also get 50 copies of the game.

The minimum amount of money you can pledge is $1.

The Wasteland 2 Kickstart project ends April 17, 2012. If inXile doesn’t make at least $900,000, then the project won’t be funded and there’ll be no Wasteland 2. $144,782 has been raised as of 12pm CST on March 13, 2012. I bet inXile will do it! I know I’m kicking in $15.

Site [Wasteland 2 on Kickstarter]

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