Wasteland 2 meets its Kickstarter goal in 2 days

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Wasteland 2 is definitely a thing.

It’s a video game project that is happening thanks to inXile Entertainment and a massive outpouring of fan support that allowed the Kickstarter project to earn over $1 million in two days.

Here’s what happened. Years ago, Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish, Michael A. Stackpole and Ken St. Andre were part of Interplay Productions and teamed up to make a post-apocolyptic adventure called Wasteland. It was an amazing game that introduced all kinds of revolutionary ideas. They always wanted to make a sequel, but stuff happened. Now Brian Fargo’s got a new company, inXile Entertainment, and wanted to work with Alan Pavlish, Michael A. Stackpole, Ken St. Andre and as many members of the original staff again on Wasteland 2. So they went to Kickstarter to get support. The page went live on March 13, 2012 and was asking for $900,000 by April 17, 2012 to fund the project. It’s now March 15, 2012 and 17,837 backers have contributed $1,013,895 to the cause as of 11:20pm CST. The game’s funded and will definitely be made!

Developers are now two for two on Kickstarter. Double Fine originally blew us all away when it managed to raise $3,336,371 to make an old school adventure game via the site. The company was only asking for $400,000. Now it looks like inXile may beat Double Fine’s record with its Wasteland 2 fund. I hope publishers are taking notice! Both companies wanted to set out to make games publishers thought wouldn’t be profitable. I think they thought wrong.

I hope we see more projects like this. It’d be great for developers or perhaps even smaller publishers (like Aksys, XSEED or NIS America) to turn to fans to get support to create or localize the games they want to play.

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