Zynga may add new features to Draw Something

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After a few days of rumors, Zynga finally revealed it purchased the team responsible for Draw Something. It’s estimated Zynga paid somewhere around $210 million for OMGPOP. Now that Draw Something‘s future is in Zynga’s hands, it needs to keep Draw Something fresh with new features to keep people coming back for more.

TechCrunch spoke to OMGPOP chief executive Dan Porter about the future of Draw Something. Porter said the team is working on implementing a chat system similar to what Words with Friends offers. Porter said he would also like Draw Something users to be able to save the photos they draw.

“We’d like to give people a better opportunity to capture their drawings,” Porter said. “There should be a save feature for saving your pictures.”

Both of these are very welcome features. I can imagine lots of people posting pictures on Facebook if given the chance.

Via [TechCrunch]

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