Rovio backpedals on bringing Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone

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Rovio hasn’t exactly been a company that is willing to withhold Angry Birds from anything. Angry Birds-branded merchandise covers so many bases from bandages to pistachios. The newest game, Angry Birds Space, has also been made available on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Windows Phone was suspiciously absent from yesterday’s release. 

Rovio chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka told Bloomberg the company has no intention to release Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone.

“We’re the No. 1 app in the Windows Phone app store, but it’s a big undertaking to support it, and you have to completely rewrite the application,” Vesterbacka said.

Vesterbacka suggests Rovio doesn’t have much confidence in the Windows Phone platform. If the company felt Angry Birds Space would be very profitable on the platform, it would have no reason not to dedicate the resources towards developing a port.

But wait, there’s more!

Rovio’s chief executive Mikael Hed told Reuters Angry Birds Space is coming to Windows Phone, but a date isn’t set.

There’s nothing like good old fashioned corporate miscommunication.

Via [Bloomberg] Read [Reuters]


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