Here’s another reason to avoid Draw Something cheating apps

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We recently wrote about why the various cheating apps available for Draw Something aren’t worth your time. Our reasons mostly boiled down to questionable device security and the uneven trade off involving developers making money from ads while supplying you with an app that doesn’t really work. We’ve found another reason why you should just play Draw Something as it is. There’s an cheat app out there that not only costs money, but it also doesn’t appear to work.

Draw Something Cheat is currently #29 in Google Play’s list of “top new paid” gaming apps. It costs $0.99 and uses the exact logo as the official Draw Something app. The identical icon alone is bound to trick some people into spending money while under the impression that they’re buying the real deal. Those who actually read through the description of the app believe they’re getting something that spits out possible answers to drawings if they input the various letters of the clue.

As it turns out, all of the reviews for Draw Something Cheat say the app won’t load. We can’t say we’re surprised.

Save your money folks. You’re better off looking for a free web-based solution if you insist on cheating in Draw Something.

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  • Joan Loare

    I agree that some of them are not worth buying but the one Im using is almost always working. My boyfriend uses which is a free cheat site but not as updated as apps.

    Also very bad that the apps try to resemble the real deal Apple should reprimand them or something.