PlayMemories Studio comes to PSN tomorrow

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Sony spent a decent amount of time at CES 2012 talking about its upcoming PlayMemories services. PlayMemories is broken down into four categories, but they won’t all be released at the same time. PlayMemories Studio for example is scheduled to be released tomorrow in the PlayStation Store. Europe will get the service on Wednesday and Japan will get its turn on Thursday. PlayMemories Studio will be sold for ¥1,500, which translates to around $18. There is also a 30-day free trial attached to PlayMemories Studio.PlayMemories Studio will let users edit photos and videos straight from the PS3, PSP or Vita. You’ll be able to choose from 11 visual effects, 41 sound effects and other special production effects. The content you edit can also be uploaded to Facebook.

We’re always up for trying out new services when they hit consoles. Expect a nice little overview of PlayMemories Studio when it’s released.

Via [Sony Japan] (Japanese) Read [PC World]

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