The real Temple Run for Android is now available

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Finally. After so many scams that took their toll on innocent players, the official version of Temple Run is now available in Google Play. It’s completely free with optional in-game purchases.

Temple Run is a very basic just-keep-running game, but it switches things up by requiring players to jump, slide, tilt and change directions on the fly. You can earn coins in each run that you can use to buy power-ups such as invisibility, a coin magnet and a temporary boost. There are also one-time items and additional characters to purchase as well. Temple Run isn’t stingy with the coins, so you really don’t need to buy coins with real money unless you just don’t have the patience to earn them.

Temple Run doesn’t have many issues aside from some response issues when trying to purchase upgrades. Once that’s patched up, everything will be golden.

Download Link [Google Play]

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