First impressions: PlayMemories Studio for PS3 [video]

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PlayMemories Studio appeared to be a welcome addition the PlayStation 3 when it was debuted at CES 2012. It allows ordinary people to edit photos and videos right from their console. Granted, the PS3 already has a video editor and a couple photo gallery applications, but PlayMemories Studio will feed directly into PlayMemories Online and other upcoming PlayMemories applications. Sony is charging $14.99 for PlayMemories Studio, so you’d think it’s a fairly competent editor. It isn’t.

PlayMemories Studio should not be considered a media editing application in this day and age. You only get a handful of photo filters that numerous free smartphone apps already have. The video editing tools are also scarce. You can apply the same filter effects, but you’re also given the option to trim videos to your liking. It’s all extremely basic.

Where are the transitions, text options, special effects and support for different audio tracks? If they’re there, I sure didn’t find them. Considering how Apple sells iPhoto and iMovie for $4.99 a piece in the Apple App Store, it’s hard to understand why Sony thought $14.99 for PlayMemories Studio was reasonable. It’s difficult to navigate and limited in features.

I put together a tour of PlayMemories Studio for your viewing pleasure. It’s posted below.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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