Always read Android app descriptions before downloading

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Google Play is not really a safe place for downloading apps. Google isn’t very concerned about keeping shady or misleading apps out of the store. The responsibility falls on users to make sure they know what they’re getting into when they download something from Google Play. I decided to write this up after noticing an app called Need for speed steadily rising in the “top new free” section of Google Play. It’s currently in the #13 spot, but many people are finding themselves disappointed once they download it.

Need for speed is in the gaming section of Google Play, but it isn’t a game. This app is a collection of wallpapers based on the Need for Speed franchise. This is clearly stated in the description, but people download it anyway because all they see is “Need for speed” and assume it’s a game.

The developer should take responsibility by moving their app out of the gaming section to avoid confusion. However, doing this will almost certainly lead to fewer downloads. If the developer makes any money from this app, there’s no way they would jeopardize revenue for clarity. That’s why it’s so important for users to stay alert.

I placed a link to the app below. I’m not asking you to avoid downloading it, but make sure you thoroughly look it over first. There’s a permission attached to this app that allows it to track your location. That alone shouldn’t be necessary to download wallpapers.

I want you to use the Need for speed app as a sort of study tool to learn the signs of potentially misleading applications. Notice the errors in capitalization, the description that reads like a spam email and visit links to the developer’s other apps. Reading user reviews can also be invaluable. You can never be too careful with these kind of things.

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