Japan Import: 100 Person Battle Bomberman dares you to be the last one standing

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Konami is asking people to don the Bomberman suit yet again. It’s time for 100 Person Battle Bomberman, a free iOS and Android app that can be played on practically any tablet or smartphone. The game was just released on the Japanese version of iTunes and Google Play, so have fun trying to get it on your own phone or tablet.

100 Person Battle Bomberman is actually misleading. Yes, there are 100 Bomberman characters on the field at once, all dropping bombs that you must avoid. However, only one of the bombermans on the field is actually a human being – you. The other 99 characters are controlled by the computer. 95 of those AI characters are against you, while four are on your side and trying to help you survive. That’s quite a buzzkill.

A worldwide release for 100 Person Battle Bomberman hasn’t been announced yet, but that’s okay. It’s free and it’s not like Bomberman isn’t import-friendly. If you own an iOS device, you can get it by stopping by the Japanese iTunes store and downloading it. Android device owners will have a harder time getting it because the Google Play store will lock you out of other regions’ apps.

Just be careful if you do find a way to get 100 Person Battle Bomberman on your device. While it is basically free, there is an in-game cash shop and the last thing you want to do is run up a bill because you inadvertantly spent money on bomberman power ups.

Read [ (Japanese)] Product Page [Google Play] Product Page [iTunes]

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