Sony reveals three new multiplayer games for PlayStation Home

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PlayStation Home went through a complete overhaul last year in an effort to put games first. For the first time, PlayStation Home started to offer higher quality multiplayer games starting with Bootleggers ’29 and RC Rally. This year, Sony will continue to deliver these kinds of games for PlayStation Home starting today with Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove.

Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove is a game that makes you the captain of a pirate ship. You have to sink other ships using your assortment of cannonballs to earn loot. You can then cash in that loot for power-ups. You can also spend real money to get virtual gold coins as well.

This spring, the post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter No Man’s Land (pictured) will release. No Man’s Land will feature Team Deathmatch and a Scavengers mode. Scavengers requires players to retrieve salvaged items and return them to their base.

Finally, a multiplayer RPG called Mercia is coming out in the summer.

We’re going to check out Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove and let you know how good it is (or isn’t) later today.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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