Rumor: The next PlayStation also hates used games

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It’s time to embrace some more next generation console rumors. This time, it’s the next PlayStation that’s being put under the spotlight. Kotaku has information that the next PlayStation is codenamed Orbis, which could turn out to be final name Sony may go with (although I seriously doubt that). The codename isn’t all that interesting anyway. What’s interesting is that the next PlayStation may go to extremes to prevent used games from fully operating.

Much like the rumored next Xbox which is also allegedly giving used games the cold shoulder, the next PlayStation will allegedly discourage pre-owned games as well. Kotaku’s sources say games will be available on Blu-ray or through the PlayStation Store. Should gamers choose the Blu-ray, the disc will only fully work on one PSN account. Also, an internet connection is believed to be required to start the games.

Pre-owned games will reportedly still work on the console, but at a diminished capacity. Certain features will be locked out until the player spends some cash to unlock the whole thing. It’s sounds like an extreme version of an Online Pass.

This sounds like some of the most anti-consumer methods I’ve seen. Let’s hope this isn’t true. If it is, I’ll feel less bad about home consoles dying off.

Via [Kotaku]

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