Temple Run developers are working on updates for iOS and Android

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Temple Run is kind of a big deal. Since its release in Google Play earlier this week, Temple Run has been downloaded over a million times. Now that Temple Run is a confirmed hit on iOS and Android, it’s only natural to wonder what Imangi Studios has in store concerning future updates.

Pocket Gamer spoke to Imangi Studios recently about what we can expect from Temple Run as time goes on. For now, Imangi Studios is concentrated on getting Temple Run to function on as many Android devices as possible. After that’s done, expect more content for the iOS and Android versions.

“We’re working on adding more objectives, characters and powerups,” Imangi Studios said. “We’re also working on an update for the new iPad, with high resolution art.”

“We’re thinking about how to add different environments and make them work organically with the game and not look like something tacked on.”

Imangi Studios explained that it’s a delicate process to create new levels for Temple Run because “the whole game was skinned around the temple.” Imangi Studios will probably have to create new assets across the board to make a new environment fit in.

Via [Pocket Gamer]

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