Temple Run for Android’s release is marked with successes and failures

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Temple Run was one of the most highly anticipated Android games in recent memory. The public was so excited about its release, shady developers created several scam and copycat apps to capitalize on the excitement. Since Temple Run’s release earlier this week, it has been downloaded over one million times and obtained over 48,000 mostly positive reviews in Google Play. Over on Facebook however, Temple Run players are very upset over the game’s performance.

Imangi Studios is encountering a well known issue that many Android developers have to deal with. Temple Run simply can’t function properly across numerous devices that have different CPUs, GPUs and screen resolutions.

Here are some choice comments from the Temple Run Facebook page.

  • ” I got rid of it because I couldnt [sic] even finish a game without dying from lag.
  • “The character doesn’t move right on the Android Impulse 4G”
  • “It can’t play on my samsung galaxy cooper”
  • “not compatable [sic] with HTC Wildfire”
  • “Dont [sic] work on galaxy prevail”
  • “doesn’t work on lg vortex”
  • “Why is it still not on the kindle fire?”
  • “Please make compatible for the lg optimus s
  • “It keeps deleting my score and upgrades on the evo 3d”

There are over 8,000 comments on the Temple Run for Android announcement post on Facebook and an alarming amount of them come from players complaining about device compatibility or bugs.

An update for Temple Run was also released this week to make the game compatible with the Droid Bionic and Droid Razr. Support for more devices is coming, but Temple Run‘s first impression for many Android users is already soiled.

Via [Temple Run Facebook]


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