Escape Plan gets free Bakuki’s Lair DLC next week

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Chell isn’t the only video game character going through all kind of tests in a science lab. Lil and Laarg, the stars of the Vita’s Escape Plan have to find their way through a bizarre laboratory/factory as well. Fortunately, they have the player to lend a hand. They’ll need that, since more levels are being added to Escape Plan on April 10, 2012. We’ll get to see what happeend to Lil and Laarg in Bakuki’s Lair before Escape Plan‘s events began.

The Bakuki’s Lair expansion is actually a prequel, but you don’t have to play it first to enjoy it. Lil and Laarg are stuck in a sausage factory and have to safely traverse 19 rooms to make it out alive. That’s where you come in, as your careful tapping, dragging, pinching and so on will result in their successful escape. They then get to celebrate momentarily, before realizing that’s only the beginning and the rest of the adventure is about to begin.

The Bakuki’s Lair prequel is incredibly easy to get. You just choose to play the game on or after April 10. This DLC is incorporated into the 1.01 patch so it will automatically start downloading once you click the appropriate icon, provided you’re connected to the internet. Odds are, you are, since Escape Plan is only available as a $14.99 PSN download.

By the way, the patch will also fix other game issues. If you’ve found Lil and Laarg not responding exactly the way they should when you’re tapping on the touch screen or panel or had issues with the way you were rated after completing rooms, patch 1.01 should help.

It also seems that Fun Bits Interactive is planning on releasing more supplemental adventures of Lil and Laarg. The company didn’t say if these will also be free. It’d be awesome if they were, but Escape Plan is a pretty good game so it may be worth it to actually pay for its DLC.

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