Android developer tries to scam players using NES and SEGA games

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Last week, we came across a developer in Google Play that’s making a habit out of running scams. The developer’s name is Digital Services and they’re serving up some misleading apps in an attempt to get your money. Digital Services released a couple apps in Google Play called NES Games and Sega Games for $0.99 a piece.

After spending a few days in Google Play, NES Games and Sega Games were taken down by Google. However, Digital Services brought one of those apps back by renaming it Nes Games and giving it a new description.

The first NES Games app carried the following description:

“Mega collection of games for consoles NES!” more than 16 000 games, lots of photos of NES games consoles!”

The developer went on to list some of the games this app allegedly contained such as Aladdin, Lode Runner, Super Mario, Contra, Battletoads and others.

The new description for Nes Games simply says “more than 16,000 games of our childhood! nes games.”

Whenever an app starts making claims like this, red flags should go up immediately. Our suspicions are also amplified since the link to Digital Services’ website is an invalid URL.

The Sega Games app claimed to include over a thousand games along with a Sega emulator. It’s also worth pointing out Digital Services used a picture of Ezio from the last few Assassin’s Creed games as the app’s logo. Of course, Assassin’s Creed has never appeared on a Sega platform.

Since the original apps were new, they didn’t manage to get many downloads. However, an Android user that goes by “Cindy” did manage to post a review of the Sega Games app.

“This is absolute crap…you charge a dollar for this and i cant even play any of the games on my phone wtf ??? it shows a file and downloads to my sd card and i don’t see it there after it down loads…don’t bother wasting your time with this app…scam…not worth any stars its a scam.”

Based on the evidence we’ve seen with this and other misleading Android apps, we’re going to advise you stay away from Digital Services.

Via [Google Play]

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