Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition is now Pokemon Conquest

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Hey, did you happen to hear a high pitched squeal a few minutes ago? Don’t worry. It was just me. See, I just found out Nintendo has decided to bring the Tecmo Koei Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition DS game to North America as Pokemon Conquest on June 18, 2012. I know, it was silly to doubt Nintendo since this is a Pokemon game we’re talking about, but I was still surprised.

Here’s how Pokemon Conquest works. It’s a strategic RPG where your original warlord character (who can be male or female) and his Eevee partner decide to create a new kingdom of their own. It isn’t a very peaceful process, as it involves pokemon battles. Which means you have to recruit an army of fighters who also have pokemon partners to further your ambition. Coincidentally, all of the people you can recruit and fight all resemble famous Japanese historical figures that have appeared in the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. For example, Oda Nobunaga is seen with a black Rayquaza at his side in the official art, while Hanbei Takenaka seems to be buddies with Pikachu.

Battles sound like they’ll be especially interesting. Your goal is to conquer all the castles in the country to unify everything under your reign. This means controlling 17 different castles. When a battle begins, you send out six pokemon. You then move them around the field for turn-based strategic battles. It’s kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea. Only in this situation, pokemon’s types still apply so some will be stronger or weaker against others. Pokemon level up after battles. Depending on their level and link with their partner, they may evolve.

Strangely enough, not only pokemon evolve in Pokemon Conquest. Trainers do as well. If a character’s link with his or her pokemon is strong enough and you fulfill another requirement like befriending ghost pokemon or completing a certain event, then the character and evolve into a stronger version of him or herself.

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