Rumors: Sony might redesign the PSP

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Gamertell Redesigned PSP

Recent rumors regarding a possible redesigned PSP have been making the web rounds this past week.

Dubbed the “PSP Slim” by Kotaku, at least a couple sites agree with some of the changes that could occur:

  • A slimmer case design with the same hardware.

  • A UMD slot instead of flip open tray.
  • Some flipping element for the screen, though it will likely remain the same size and LCD (though some suggest LED).
  • Improved battery life.
  • Built-in Bluetooth.
  • Possible internal Flash memory.
  • Revamped control pad.
  • Additional video controls (with a smaller case design? Hmmm…)
  • Fall 2007 release (August has been suggested, but that seems damn soon) for the same price as the current PSP.

Again, these are unconfirmed rumors and speculations. No site, including Gamertell, has received official comments or confirmations from Sony. Everyone is expecting an announcement at E3 2007, so this could simply be the Sony PR machine at work to stir interest.

Nintendo’s DS Lite, a superior redesign compared the original DS, is an example of a game system that continued to sell well because of the popularity of the system and, maybe in part, to a good redesigned. The Nokia N-Gage QD, though also a vast improvement and a huge price drop, didn’t do quite so well primarily due to the lack of enthusiasm for the original N-Gage.

The PSP is already a great system but hasn’t seemed to catch on quite as well as the DS. I still like it as a portable movie device for long trips, though the battery life is way too short and would prefer to use less expensive DS memory cards instead of Sony’s pricey card. I suspect if there is a redesign, Sony will once again ramp up promotion of the movie UMDs.

I’ve put in a request to Sony for comment but have yet to hear back. I’ll let you know if/when I do.

What do you think – will the PSP get redesigned? If so, will it matter to consumers?

Read [Kotaku] Via [RumorReporter]

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