Kairosoft strikes again with Cafeteria Nipponica for Android

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Kairosoft’s latest Android game following the release of Dungeon Village is now available from Google Play. Cafeteria Nipponica is $4.99 and throws you into a restaurant setting. This time, you’re playing as a chef owner of a restaurant. In addition to making and creating the dishes, you’ll have to decorate and organize the look of the restaurant to keep customers coming back.

These business oriented Kairosoft games all have a familiar feel to them. Expect to hire additional help, pay salaries and host special events for your customers. If you’ve played a Kairosoft game before, you should be quite familiar with how everything works. There’s no trial version available, but Kairosoft usually gets around to that following a new release.

Google Play Link [Cafeteria Nipponica]

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  • Jenni Lada

    Oh no!!!! I’m totally buying it. I hope the fashion store game’s their next release!