Next round of FFXIII-2 DLC includes Gilgamesh, PuPu and Assassin’s Creed

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Square Enix’s newfound love of DLC continues, with another wave headed to Final Fantasy XIII-2 imminently. Technically, this announcement is for the Japanese version of the game, but since the DLC’s on a worldwide release schedule it works for us too! Prepare for two new costumes and two Coliseum battles after around April 10, 2012.

One of the costumes might end up being the biggest draw in this round of FFXIII-2 DLC. We’re finally getting the promised Assassin’s Creed costume for Noel! That’s it in the screenshot up there. It makes him look like Ezio. Like all other costume DLC, the price looks like it’ll be $2.99/¥300/240MSP. Serah’s getting a new AKB48 designed costume called Exposure and Defense that sounds even better. In Japan, it’ll end up being a freebie. There’s no comment saying what it might cost the rest of us.

The two Coliseum battles bring old Final Fantasy fights to FFXIII-2. Gilgamesh, who’s appeared in eight different Final Fantasy main entries so far, and PuPu, from FFVIII and a brief FFX cameo. In both cases you fight the monster in the hopes of getting a crystal to recruit him into the party. Gilgamesh is a Commando with about a 25% chance of dropping a monster crystal. PuPu is a Medic with a 10% drop rate. The Japanese pricing for both is available, but I’m not sure if it’ll help us figure out what they’ll cost since it’s a bit different this time. Gilgamesh is the same price in Japan (¥400/320MSP) as the double Coliseum fight against Ultros and Typhon, while PuPu is cheaper than usual at ¥200/160MSP. I’m going to guess Gilgamesh will cost us $3.99 and PuPu $1.99.

So, yay or nay on this round of DLC? I’m holding off on getting extras until I get that Lightning story DLC.

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