EA wins Consumerist’s Worst Company in America Award

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Fueled by the unbridled hatred of Mass Effect fans over trilogy’s ending, EA cruised to victory in The Consumerist‘s voting to crown the Worst Company in America.

EA garnered more than 250,000 votes in an election no company wants to win. How much did voters hate the game publisher? In second place was Bank of America, a company several economists blame for contributing to the worldwide financial crisis.

EA walked away with 64 percent of the vote in a March Madness-inspired bracket vote that also included Sony, Apple and GameStop. This is Bank of America’s second consecutive runner-up spot. Last year (2011), British Petroleum took top honors in the wake of its giant oil spill.

Buck up, BoA. There is always next year (unless you go out of business as rumored).

Does it seem trivial to vote for a game publisher over a bank with a front row seat for the mortgage meltdown? Certainly, and The Consumerist acknowledges as much. It warns that the attitude of “it’s only a game” is precisely what allows EA to get away with unpopular policies.

The Consumerist notes that, while movies and music are taking steps to become more affordable and accessible, video game prices are only getting higher. Downloadable content has gone from a bonus included in a few games to the industry standard.

EA will win the not-so-coveted Golden Poo Award for its efforts, which is a trophy that looks like, well, you know. The publisher responded with a press release saying that all the bank presidents and oil companies not on the list should be relieved. It promised to continue making games that find an audience of more than 300 million people.

What, surely you didn’t think EA would take this to heart and wonder how to better serve its angry customers?

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