Frito-Lay snack packs come with Skylanders

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You’ll never guess what I just saw at Walmart! Skylanders were in-stock! I’m not just talking about figures (they had three Wrecking Balls and one Hex), I’m talking about the Adventure Mix! It turns out Activision has teamed up with Frito-Lay to promote Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures.

If you buy the bag filled with 20 single serve bags of snacks, you also get some Skylanders deals. One of the items is a code for a free, online mini-game. The other is a coupon that takes $1 off the price of a Skylander figure. Redeeming your code for your game online also enters you in a contest to, you guessed it, win even more Skylanders. Frito-Lay says these packs will be available until May 5, 2012.

The Walmart I visited in Mt Prospect, Illinois only had two of the packs. One was the Adventure Mix, which included bags of Lays, two kinds of Cheetos and three kinds of Doritos. The other was the Classic Mix that had Lays, two kinds of Doritos, one kind of Cheetos, one kind of Sun Chips and one kind of Fritos. If neither of those appeal to you, there’s always the Flavor Mix, which comes with two kinds of Lays, two kinds of Doritos, one kind of Cheetos and one kind of Fritos. They were selling the packs for $7 each.

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    Good treats!!!

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    i want that get ningini’s sidekick get me that grrrrrrr

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