Kinect support is coming to Skyrim this month

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We’ve all seen the hilarious Dragon Shout videos that flooded the internet shortly after Skyrim was released. Dragon Shouts are fun to reference in real life even though you’d likely get awkward glares if you ever did it in public. Bethesda knows you can’t keep those shouts bottled up inside, so it’ll release a Kinect update later this month that brings over 200 voice commands.

In addition to being able to shout Fus Ro Dah! in your living room with devastating in-game results, you’ll also be able to bypass the menu in a variety of ways. For example, you can use Kinect to equip weapons on your character without pausing the game. You can also give orders to allies, manage your inventory, jump to locations on the map, access the skills menu and a lot more.

Via [Bethesda Blog]

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