Malware version of Angry Birds Space is on the loose

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The official free version of Angry Birds Space has over 10 million installs in Google Play. It’s also safe to have on your device. However, there is a malware-infected version of Angry Birds Space that’s floating around in third-party app stores. 

According to the Sophos Naked Security Blog, a Trojan named “Andr/KongFu-L” is present within the game file. Angry Birds Space is actually totally playable, so players have no reason the think the app is doing anything malicious on the side.

Sophos said the app tries to get root access to Android devices in order to install unauthorized code. This code can be used to download more code or send commands to the web browser. Sophos sums up this operation by saying, “Effectively, your Android phone is now part of a botnet, under the control of malicious hackers.”

Via [Sophos]

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