Snow getting his own DLC episode in Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Snow may not be a fan-favorite, but somebody over at Square Enix likes him. Not only did he get a decent-sized role in Final Fantasy XIII-2, but he’s also going to star in his own DLC episode. On May 15, 2012, Japan will be getting a Snow episode add-on. Since DLC launch dates are practically universal for FFXIII-2, that means we’ll be able to experience his story in our games sometime that week as well.

Snow’s episode theme is “Don’t fight for me.” It’ll explain how he became a L’Cie again, what his new focus is and explain more about Snow and Serah’s relationship. Perhaps we’ll even get to see the two reunite. It seems likely, as Snow can join Serah and Noel’s party after his chapter. Apparently, he has a 30% crystal conversion rate, which determines how easy or difficult it will be to acquire his monster crystal after facing him in the Coliseum. He’s a Commando character, which is really quite fitting, though I almost expected him to be a Sentinel.

It also sounds like Snow’s add-on will include an additional Coliseum battle against a boss known as Valfodr. Valfodr is a boss that continually shows up in Snow’s episode and is supposed to be the strongest Coliseum battle. He’s a Ravager and acquiring his monster crystal could prove difficult. his conversion rate goes up as his level goes up, and it sounds like his level goes up depending on how strong Noel and Serah are when they face him. Apparently if his level is maxed out, you’re 100% guaranteed to get his monster crystal.

Let’s see now, who’s left? I doubt we’ll see a Hope DLC episode, because Hope shows up so much in FFXIII-2. A Fang and Vanille episode is pretty much out of the question. Maybe we’re reaching the end of FFXIII-2 add-on episodes!

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