Sci-fi author files copyright infringement claim regarding Assassin’s Creed

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Sci-fi author John L. Beiswenger has filed a copyright infringement suit against Ubisoft, alleging its Assassin’s Creed games borrow heavily from his novel Link. Both deal with a scientific process allowing an individual to relive the memories of one of their ancestors.

Beiswenger alleges the similarities don’t end there. He said references to assassins and biblical themes including the Garden of Eden appear in his book. Creed‘s two warring factions, the assassins and Templars, go to great lengths in search of Pieces of Eden. They are advanced alien technology that allow the user to control people’s minds. In the games’ mythology, everyone from Winston Churchill to Jesus Christ earned loyalty from their followers through the use of these pieces.

The suit seeks damages for each Assassin’s Creed product released since the franchise debuted in 2007. It asks for a minimum of $1.05 million, a number that would jump to $5.25 million if a judge determines Ubisoft willfully committed copyright infringement here. It also asks the judge to prevent the release of Assassin’s Creed IIIand any related products. Maybe Beiswenger is a templar.

This installment in the tale of assassins, templars and alien technology changes brings the series to American soil. New hero Connor is a Native American assassin who uses his stealth skills to strike from the woods. In keeping with the tradition of the games, he’ll interact with historical figures. We’ll learn where people such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin fit into the centuries-spanning conflict between assassins and templars. Barring any serious consequences from Beiswenger’s lawsuit, Assassin’s Creed III hits stores October 30, 2012.

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