Let’s shoot zombies in The House of the Dead 4 [video]

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Some of you reading this may have fond memories of going to the arcade and spending a lot of quarters on light gun games. The House of the Dead series always had a presence at major arcades and establishments such as movie theaters that wanted to bring in a little more money using video games. Now that arcades are pretty much dead, Sega’s only way to keep this style of game alive is to bring it to consoles. Enter The House of the Dead 4, which released on April 17 on the PlayStation Network.

The House of the Dead 4 costs $9.99 generally or $6.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. What you’re getting for your money is a straight-up arcade experience that’s transported into your living room. The House of the Dead 4 has PlayStation Move support to make it more like an arcade experience.

There aren’t any surprises in this game. It’s corny, old fashioned and still pretty fun. We even have a video to prove it. Enjoy!

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