Bethesda delays Prey 2 to make the game better

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It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard about Prey 2, so let’s recap. After Prey was released in 2006, the developer and publisher said they wanted to make a sequel. It took a while, and a transfer of rights to Bethesda, but in 2011 Prey 2 was officially announced. Then it disappeared again. Now Bethesda has come forward to say that the project still exists and it’s moving forward, but it won’t be released in 2012.

Bethesda gave a very good reason as to why Prey 2 won’t be on store shelves in 2012 in the update. The company says it isn’t happy with how Prey 2 looks. Substandard games are bad, especially when they have a good company behind it and lots of money going into it, so Bethesda decided to hold back rather than rush to release it as. (You can go ahead and insert jokes about the multitude of Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim glitches here.)

You know what? This is okay. Really. Gamers don’t mind delays or long gaps of silence when it comes to certain games as long as the developers and publishers come forward like this and give us a reason why we aren’t seeing it when we thought we would. So go ahead Human Head Studios and Bethesda, take all the time you need. We don’t mind waiting another year if it means making Prey 2 fantastic. Besides, if what was wrong was big enough for Bethesda to say delay rather than go with a massive day-one patch, you know it must have been pretty bad.

It seems like the story is still intact. Prey 2 starts off pretty much immediately after Prey, with a new character named Killian Samuels crash landing on the Sphere. The crash gave him amnesia, so he decided to become a mercenary on the planet he landed on, Exodus. He hunts down and kills alien bad guys for money while trying to remember his past. Since it’s an open-world game, players will be able to explore or take on missions to advance the story.

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