The PlayStation Suite SDK enters open beta

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Developers are one step closer to getting their homemade games into the PlayStation Store and onto any PlayStation Certified device. Sony opened the PlayStation Suite SDK beta today as a free download for anyone who’s interested in conducting “performance verification” on their creations in preparation for the final version of the PlayStation Suite SDK sometime this year.

Once the non-beta version of the PlayStation Suite SDK is released, developers will be able to sell their games in the PlayStation Store. In order to do this, developers have to pay a yearly $99 fee and sign a contract with Sony.

One of the biggest questions is how much these games will cost. Since the public has gotten used to spending a small amount of money on mobile games, there’s no way Sony can get away with selling everything for at least $10. Sony isn’t ready to discuss pricing, but says it will make its decision “based on current market conditions.” One thing that’s for certain is that Sony won’t allow games to be given away for free. All games have to cost money or have a freemium business model.

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