Atlus snatches away Dragon’s Crown

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It’s been a really long time since we’d heard anything about Dragon’s Crown, a 2D beat’em up from Vanillaware for the PS3 and Vita that was allegedly going to have cross platform compatibility. There were even rumors that the title was silently canceled. Don’t worry, as the project hasn’t been scrapped. Atlus just stepped up to reassure everyone that Vanillaware is still hard at work on the game and it will be working with them to produce and publish the game in Japan and North America. Which means Ignition Entertainment won’t be involved at all.

I suppose you could think of this as karma. A few years back, Atlus was scheduled to publish Muramasa: The Demon Blade a Vanillaware Wii RPG, but Ignition swooped in and took it. Now, it seems Atlus has done the same thing to Ignition with Dragon’s Crown. Not that it was probably all that hard. When was the last time you saw Ignition Entertainment publish a game? I think one of those Order Up titles was the last one.

Of course, this shuffle does change a few things. For starters, the game has been delayed. We won’t see it released in either region until 2013. It also will cost more than Ignition’s alleged $29.99 price point. Finally, the localization will actually be good. I think we all remember what a terrible job Ignition did on games like Lux-Pain, Muramasa and Arc Rise Fantasia.

Let’s end this with a reminder of what Dragon’s Crown looked like last year when Ignition released a debut trailer showing all the classes in action.

I still don’t know what they were thinking with those Amazon and Sorceress class designs. Put some clothes on them, Vanillaware!

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