Grab your Vita and make calls with Skype

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If you walked past a PlayStation Vita today, you may have felt something strange. A foreign feeling similar to desire. Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with you. It’s just that the system itself became a lot more attractive after Sony announced a free Skype app is now available for the handheld.

No matter which Vita you own, the Skype app can be downloaded and used on it. The only difference between the two is that the Wi-Fi model will require you to be near a Wi-Fi access point and the 3G/Wi-Fi model won’t. It’ll also be pretty similar to talking to people with Skype over another device, as it’ll have both video and voice calling options. You can even have the Skype app running while you’re using one of the Vita’s other features, take a call, then return to your previous activity.

A Skype account and this app are free, but if you want to talk to people who aren’t Skype users, you’ll have to pay actual money. You’ll need Skype Credit to call or text message people who are using actual cell phones or have archiac land-lines. If you go with a Skype Premium subscription, you pay $4.99 per month and get lots of great bonuses like calling other countries. If you want a general subscription, it’ll be $2.99 per month for just US and Canada calls or $13.99 per month for unlimited world calls. Or, you could always just pay as you go by buying Skype Credit and paying 2.3¢ for calls within the continental US.

It’s just a nice extra feature to have and know it’s there, even if you decide you’ll never use it. So go get your Vita out and download it now!

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