Pikmin 2 Wii port is actually coming to North America in June

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Know what’s an absolutely fantastic GameCube series? Pikmin. Both games were utterly fantastic and just so much fun. Not to mention all the starring characters were adorable. Which means the price on used copies is pretty high. Not that it matters much, as anyone who bought a Wii in the last six months or so probably got one of those new models that isn’t backwards compatible with GameCube games.

But wait, it doesn’t have to be that way! Good news has just come from the May 2012 issue Nintendo Power! New Play Control! Pikmin 2 is finally going to be released in North America.

Back in 2009, a Wii version of Pikmin 2 was released in both Japan and Europe. It was called New Play Control! Pikmin 2 and Nintendo only knows why it didn’t immediately release it in North America as well. I mean, seriously! We got the original New Play Control! Pikmin! It’s probably because the Wii U Pikmin game is showing up at E3 2012 and Nintendo wants to capitalize on that.

Anyways, the New Play Control! version of Pikmin 2 is a pretty basic port. The only updates are that it has a custom Wii Remote control scheme that lets you point-and-click at the Pikmin, view the game in widescreen and offers a general and minor freshening of the graphics. So it’ll look slightly better and be easier to control.

In terms of story, Pikmin 2 picks up right after Pikmin. In order to save Hocotate Freight, Captain Olimar and Captain Louie return to the planet of the Pikmin to collect treasures/trash which can be sold to pay off their company’s debt. It’s really cute and adorable.

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