Free Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC starting May 8

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I hope you’re ready for more free Portal 2 DLC. You know, the DLC we’ve been promised since the game launched last year and has been delayed over and over again. Well, this time Valve says it’s really on the way and on May 8, 2012, Windows and Mac gamers will be able to download the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC.

The Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC is a level editor. People will be able to create their own single-player puzzles. You’ll be able to create the rooms, place various pieces of equipment and do some science. Once you’re happy with your creation, you can upload them, sharing them with the world. Other Portal 2 players can then download and rate them. Plus, you’ll be able to grab other people’s levels while you’re there. All in all, it’s a rather awesome free update and one that I’m sure many players would have been more than willing to pay for.

Sadly, this update only pertains to the Windows and Mac versions of Portal 2. Valve still hasn’t said when or even if PS3s or Xbox 360s will get the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Of course, that isn’t too bad for PS3 owners since they automatically got free downloads of the Windows and Mac versions of Portal 2 with their version of the game.

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