Zynga brings Zombie Smash to Android

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Although it has been available on iOS for a while, Zynga finally got around to releasing the Game Doctors-developed Zombie Smash for Android. Zombie Smash is not a run and gun zombie killing game like the image above suggests. It’s more of a cross between a tower defense game and Pocket God.

The goal of this game is to keep the zombies from tearing down your house. In order to do that, you have to fling the zombies away from your house using your fingers or thumbs. That may sound boring, but that’s not the only thing you can do in this game. You’ll eventually get power-ups such as mines, cinder blocks, boulders and a pistol with laser sights to help in the fight.

You’ll encounter different kinds of zombies as the in-game days progress. For example, there are female zombies that are very quick and a hulking zombie that can’t be hurt by anything other than special weapons.

Zombie Smash is $0.99. You won’t have to worry about Zynga nickle and diming you this time around.

Google Play Link [Zombie Smash]

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    Ummmm … that logo looks a little familiar.