Pocket Academy is in session on Android devices

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Okay everyone, we’ve got a serious situation brewing. Android device owners are on deck! You need to get together about $5 and head immediately to the Google Play store. A new Kairosoft game is available and I won’t be held responsible if you miss out on yes another awesome simulation. Besides, $4.99 is a small price to pay for the pleasure that is Pocket Academy.

Pocket Academy is yet another simulation game. If you’ve played Hot Springs Story or World Cruise Story, you should have some idea of what you’re in for. You get a plot of land and must place buildings to make your students happy and successful. Do well and they’ll do well, which will make your school more famous, bring in more tuition-bearing students and thus make you rich.

I’ve been playing a bit of Pocket Academy and here’s how it works. You choose which neighborhood you want your school to be in, name it and create your first student. You then manage the school, placing rooms and hopefully making it easy for students to learn and find great jobs. Do well and the tuition fees will go up, allowing you to hire more teachers, build more facilities and make it a more desirable place to attend.

I did find it was rather easy to run out of money the first year, but from the second year on it was an easy ride. Just make sure you have your smartest students take on “challenges” to raise the level of your English, Math, Science, Spanish and History classes and you’ll be fine. Maybe hold special classes for the first year students as well, to make sure you get their IQs up so they test well. Don’t forget to create lots of spots by placing similar facilities near each other to make them more desirable to students!

Also, be careful where you place rooms! There’s no move button, only a delete one. Which means you’d have to buy the building all over again if you destroy it!

Pocket Academy is already available on iOS devices. It has been for a year. So we’re just a little late to the party. I heard the iOS version was a bit more difficult to get into, but the Android version has a helpful “Help” section in the systems menu so you should be fine.

Product Page [Google Play]

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