Android Amusements: A couple interactive novels from Winter Wolves

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For this week’s installment of Android Amusements, we decided to change things up a bit. We usually focus on games that are heavy on the action and light on story. This time, we want to tell you about a couple interactive novels that were created by Winter Wolves. Bionic Heart and Heileen (pictured) are available from Google Play for $6.99 and blends gaming elements into what’s essentially a graphic novel.Just so we’re clear, you’re not going to be controlling a character and whacking bad guys with weapons in these two titles. The experiences are mostly passive. You’ll be given the opportunity to make choices that change how other characters view you, and can even take on secondary quests in Heileen. These secondary quests can be completed to uncover special scenes, and improve your overall score. Your score factors into an overall rank at the end of the adventure. Bionic Heart plays in a similar way, but does some things a little differently than Heileen though.

In Bionic Heart, you use something called the Holomap to choose where you want to go. You can also examine your surroundings in a way somewhat similar to point-and-click adventure games. You won’t be clicking on individual items, but you will get a description of pre-defined items in the room.

Now that you know how these interactive novels work, let’s briefly go over their stories. Bionic Heart is about a guy named Luke who lives in London in 2099. He has a girlfriend named Helen that wants him to get serious about their relationship (moving in together and the like), but you can tell Luke isn’t as committed as Helen. Things get interesting when a female cyborg named Tanya shows up at Luke’s home and refuses to leave or tell him anything about what she’s doing there. Luke also has a thing for Tanya which makes for some interesting conflicts.

Heileen is about a 18 year old girl that is stuck traveling on a ship thanks to her uncle Otto. While on the ship, she meets a guy named John and instantly falls for him. I know you males out there probably want to roll your eyes right now, but this story isn’t all kissy faces. Sure the main characters are female, but the story has been pretty good so far. It has pirates and adult humor too!

If $6.99 is too much of a gamble for you to make on interactive novels, there are demos for Bionic Heart and Heileen in Google Play.

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