Skyrim’s Kinect update releases tomorrow

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As promised, the Skyrim update that will bring voice controls via Kinect will go live tomorrow (May 1, 2012). Only the English voice controls will be implemented tomorrow, but other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and German will be coming at a later date.

Just to refresh, this update will allow Skyrim players with Kinect to control nearly everything in the game by using their voice. You can perform Dragon Shouts, switch weapons, control menu options and command followers. You don’t need to memorize the language of the dragons to do Dragon Shouts either. You can choose to say Joor Zah Frul, or you can just say Dragonrend to get the same effect.

Bethesda even put together a complete Kinect guide to Skyrim for you to use.

Via [Bethesda]

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