Invite The 7th Guest to your Mac or iOS device for free

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Let’s see, today is May 1, 2012. I know there’s something special about today. Let me just think about it for a second. It is May Day, that’s something. Wait, I remember now. Today’s the day Trilobyte Games decided to drop the price of the Mac and iOS versions of The 7th Guest to $0.00!

Normally, The 7th Guest is pretty pricey for an iOS app. If you bought it yesterday for your device, it’d have been $2.99. The Mac version is more reasonable, considering it’s a PC game, at it’s usual $4.99 price point. You don’t have to worry about any of that though, because as long as you get on iTunes and grab it before the day ends, you won’t pay a thing. Take that Windows owners who’d have to go to a place like and pay $9.99!

In case you’ve never heard of it before, the 7th Guest is a point-and-click, horror adventure game. Your character is only known as Ego and floats through the deserted mansion formerly belonging to toymaker Henry Stauf. There are puzzles and traps set throughout the house and you have to find your way through, finding out what happened in the house and what you can do to keep horrible things from happening again. It’s old, but still pretty creepy. Besides, it’s a free download so all it’ll cost you to play is a few minutes of your time.

Product Page [Mac App Store] Product Page [iTunes]

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