The first Skyrim DLC will be Dawnguard

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Brace yourself, because it’s time for your daily dose of hype. Today’s hype is brought to us courtesy of Bethesda, which released a blog post update on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that included the image at the right and two sentences providing a meager explanation. As you can see, Skyrim will be getting some DLC, and that DLC will be called Dawnguard.

The other two sentences are somewhat informative, but not truly helpful. Bethesda says more will be revealed about Dawnguard at E3 2012, which is expected. It’s a good way to build hype and it is only about a month away so I suppose we can be patient. The real nail-biter comes from the other sentence.

Bethesda says that Dawnguard will arrive on the Xbox 360 sometime in Summer 2012. Skyrim was a multiplatform game and also appeared on both the PS3 and Windows PC. Which means someone over at Microsoft must have sold some vital organs to get Dawnguard as a timed-exclusive for the Xbox 360.

In summary, Xbox 360 owners will have a reason to dust off Skyrim and pop it in their consoles probably before August ends. PS3 and Windows owners, meanwhile, will give dirty looks to every Xbox 360-owning friend with Skyrim until Dawnguard shows up for their versions of the game.

Read [Bethesda Blog]

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