Bastion gets discounted to $5.99 on Steam

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Bastion was one of the most beloved downloadable titles of 2011. It received widespread praise on both XBLA and PC. If you’re like me and didn’t experienced Bastion when everyone was talking about it, now’s the chance to make up for that. You can grab the game for 60% off from Steam from now until May 3. This effectively drops Bastion‘s price to $5.99.

Bastion also supports Steamplay which means you can play Bastion on PC and Mac without needing to purchase it more than once.

If your computer can’t run Bastion and you don’t have a Xbox 360, there’s still a way to play the game. Google Chrome can stream Bastion straight from the cloud. You’ll only need an internet connection that is fast enough to handle it. The Chrome version of Bastion costs $14.99, and there’s a demo available as well.

Via [Steam]

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