Starhawk beta testers get a few exclusive customization items

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LightBox Interactive president Dylan Jobe took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce Starhawk is complete and ready for mass production. In the video game industry, this process is known as “going gold.” Starhawk will be available to purchase on May 8, 2012 in North America. In the weeks leading up to Starhawk‘s release, a private and public beta was held to help Lightbox experiment with different balancing options and tweak the final multiplayer experience. If you took part in the beta, you’ve got at least one special item coming to you.

The first item is called The Hand of the Founder. This item won’t give you a competitive edge in multiplayer. It’s is made up of glowing orbs that float around your character’s right hand. You’ll get The Hand of the Founder if you played in either beta.

The next item is for players who participated in the beta, and played Warhawk as well. The Warhawk Paint set brings a nostalgic feel to Starhawk because it contains the paint job of the different vehicles from Warhawk‘s two factions – Eucadians and Chernovans.

All of these items will only be reserved for beta testers. They won’t be sold or made available from anywhere else.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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  • Blendercat

    Does anyone know how to get the hand of the founder? I saw somewhere that it was automatic, however, I have the Beta sitting on my PS3 HDD hard drive and I’m playing starhawk as I type, using the same account, but I haven’t gotten this. Is there some sort of unknown procedure, or has it not been released?