Infinity Blade is $0.99 again

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It feels like only a month has passed since Infinity Blade was last on sale. Oh wait, it was exactly one month ago. Epic and CHair Entertainment enjoyed the sale so much, they’ve decided to throw it again for a limited time. So if for some reason you have never played Infinity Blade and you have a compatible iOS device, just bite the bullet and buy it.

Infinity Blade II still costs $6.99. However, it did receive an update today that fixed a problem some players were having with claiming ClashMob prizes. Considering how fighting for rewards is pretty much the whole point of ClashMob, we’d say this is a pretty major update.

Some players are still complaining about game crashes in Infinity Blade. This seems to be a problem the game has had since launch. An update hasn’t been made since February, so we may be waiting a while for a definitive fix.

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