Persona 4 Golden racing to North American Vitas

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Atlus Faithful newsletter members woke up to a welcome message in their inbox today. The Persona 4 portable port is on its way! Yes, one of our favorite publishers truly loves us, as it knew its North American fans just couldn’t live without having the option to own an English version of Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 4 Golden, known as Persona 4 The Golden in Japan, is an enhanced port of the PS2 game of the same name. The story’s still the same. Our nameless hero comes to stay with relatives in Inaba for a year and ends up getting caught up in mysterious murder investigations and saving people who’ve been thrown into a world that exists on the other side of a TV using spirits called personas. Oh, and he also has to keep up with daily tasks like making friends, attending school, going to clubs and so on. Just now he can make friends with a new character named Marie, visit two new areas, buy a scooter, show his knowledge during a quiz show and collect new personas.

Persona 4 is my absolute favorite Persona game, so I can’t wait for this! Granted, people who played the PS2 version aren’t getting oodles of new content, but there are enough additions to definitely make it worth double dipping. Atlus has even prepared a website (which isn’t open yet) to help convince others it’s worth a second runthrough too.

Keep an eye out for Persona 4 Golden in Fall 2012. It may just make it easier to bear the end of summer.

Site [Persona 4 Golden]

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