North Americans won’t experience Grand Knights History

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Bad news PSP owners. The glory that is Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown may be coming at a hefty price, and that’s the availability of another Vanillaware game. XSEED has declared its localization of Grand Knights History dead. Let’s have a moment of silence.

Grand Knights History was actually a little similar to Dragon’s Crown, as it featured incredible character art and required people to take part in beat’em up battles against enemies. Archer, knight and wizard characters were available and ready to be customized to help players accomplish missions to further the goals of the nation they chose to ally themselves with. Yes, people could choose who they fought for, Union, Avalon or Logres. You could also connect to PSN over the internet to fight other players, and the results of that battle would impact the overall standing and land owned by each participants’ kingdom.

Alas, a lack of development resources has meant that we won’t get to see Grand Knights History. XSEED didn’t get into specifics, but the increased push for work on Dragon’s Crown was probably too demanding for Vanillaware to spare any assets to assist XSEED with the Grand Knights History localization efforts. The fact that the PSP’s on its deathbed probably didn’t help the situation much either.

I suppose there’s some consolation in knowing we all could still import Grand Knights History. It is a bit text heavy at times, but for the most part it’s a beat’em up. Plus the PSP is region-free so there’ll be no issues when it comes to playing it.

It’s just disappointing, especially since it would have been a fantastic addition to any PSP or Vita owner’s library.

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