Spike Chunsoft mentions an English release of Conception: Please Have My Babies

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Well here’s a shocker. It looks like Spike Chunsoft’s Conception: Please Have My Babies, the PSP dating sim RPG, could have a shot at being released outside of Japan.

I’ll give you a moment to process that.

Spike Chunsoft issued a press release announcing Conception: Please Have My Babies‘ Japanese release last week. That’s no big deal. It also isn’t that surprising that the company also decided to release an English version of said press release. The interesting part is that the announcement said the English title and North American/European release dates are to be determined. Now, this doesn’t 100% mean that we are getting Conception: Please Have My Babies. It just mean that Spike Chunsoft would be interested in seeing it released outside Japan.

But enough about the shock and awe, let’s get into what makes Conception, Conception. Players follow a young man named Itsuki. He’s been dubbed the savior of another world called Granvania, on the same day he graduates from high school and learns his cousin Mahiru is pregnant. Granvania is plagued by Kegare and the only way to save it is for Itsuki to bond with the women from Granvania, where he and Mahiru have been trapped, to create Star Children. No questionable behavior is required to create a Star Child. Itsuki just has to get close to one of the 12 Star Maidens capable of creating Star Children (hint: they all represent a different zodiac sign) and the two combine their energy to create a Star Child warrior. The Star Children each represent different RPG classes, and Itsuki then takes these kids into a randomly generated labyrinth to defeat Kegare and save that world.

Here’s a trailer. Don’t worry, it’s 100%, totally safe for work.

Know what the craziest part about all this is? I think I’d actually buy it. Not because I’m interested in Conception: Please Have My Babies, but because it sounds so ridiculous that I can’t not buy it. What do you think? Are you ready to help a character romance some women, create some Star Children and then take said Star Children dungeon crawling?

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  • Kim

    I actually got the game off a friend who imported it. I dont understand a lick of Japanese but this game plays very similar to the persona games and is quite addictive. Yeah its a lot of trial and error but I’d love to see it released.

    • Jenni Lada

      I’m borrowing a friend’s UMD of it right now and it’s really quite fun! I hope Aksys picks up the 3DS/Vita sequel for North America.

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