Sega will award $15,000 to Virtua Fighter 5 players at EVO 2012

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Fighting games have a form of math all their own. In the real world, six comes after five. Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5 entered arcades in 2006. In 2012, we will see the release of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. The downloadable fighter is coming Summer 2012 to Xbox 360and PlayStation 3.

Sega is piquing players interest with a big cash prize at one of the premiere fighting game tournaments of the year. During EVO 2012 (July 6 through 8, 2012) the publisher is offering $15,000 to top placers in Virtua Fighter 5 events. Since the new game won’t be out everywhere by then, Sega encourages you to go dust off your old copies to get ready. Should you have to head to a local game store and pick one up, the publisher’s fine with that, too.

Virtua Fighter 5 drew acclaim for being accessible to new players, yet offering enough strategy for fighting veterans.  The new update will include some more fighters, including VF 3’s Taka-Arashi. The powerful sumo wrestler has essentially been retired since that game, the only Virtua Fighter to have such a lengthy absence. A number of improvements since 2007 are included in the new game as well.

New play challenges include license mode, which gives players a number of offline challenges to complete. There’s some crazy stuff involved, such as fighting with half gravity or double damage. After completing them all, you will be a Class A Virtua Fighter. Online action will allow rooms of up to eight players.

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