Ragnarok Odyssey joins XSEED’s line-up

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I know we’re all still a little sad about losing Grand Knights History. It wasn’t really XSEED’s fault, but it still hurts. The publisher wants to make it up to us though! It’s showing it still loves us and enjoys supporting JRPGs by announcing the localization of Ragnarok Odyssey. So we lost a PSP game, but we gained a Vita game!

If the name sounds familiar, then you’ve obviously played some MMORPGs. Ragnarok Odyssey is a spin-off of Ragnarok Online. It isn’t an MMO though. Instead, it’s an action-RPG along the lines of Monster Hunter. You create a custom character and then take on missions to hunt down monsters, either alone or with friends. And yes, you can take on these missions with friends locally or over Wi-Fi.

Actually, the trailer does a pretty good job of showcasing what battles will be like, as well as providing a brief glimpse at character customization.

As you can see, classes include sword warrior, hammer smith, assassin, mage, cleric and hunter. Each has their own skills that make them valuable to a hunting party. I’d imagine you’d want a cleric and hunter nearby when facing a big boss, so the cleric can be constantly healing and the hunter can attack from a distance. You can change your job at any time, so if you’re teaming up with friends and don’t have a mage, one of you can temporarily change to that class so your party’s better balanced. The more you play, the more experienced your character gets and the more powerful he or she becomes.

Ragnarok Odyssey was originally released in Japan in February 2012. We don’t know when we’ll see it here, however, XSEED’s just provided a general 2012 release window for now. I’m sure we’ll know more at E3 2012.

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