Kitaru Kickstarter supporters get DRM-free copy of the game

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With so many game Kickstarters showing up in the wake of the successful Double Fine Adventure and Wasteland 2 projects, it’s getting hard to know what to support. Well, here’s a game you may want to consider. It’s Aoineko Studios’ Kitaru, a multiplatform, cyberpunk RPG starring an assassin named Akai. That’s her in the screenshot above. It’s a project that’s in development and should be out in October 2012 and will eventually get made, whether or not Aoineko meets its $25,000 Kickstarter goal. Still, it seems like a good project to get behind, especially since the pre-order versions will be DRM-free and arrive early.

Kitaru is set in a different galaxy called Heli, in a world where the Four Houses fight control for the Taifa. One of these houses, Saph, maintains control of the other houses with its assassins. The head assassin at the moment is Akai, a young woman who wants a chance to explore more of their world and more control over her life. The only way she can show she’s ready is to start taking risks. Fortunately, one presents itself as the game begins. One of the other factions, Rham, is trying to hide its criminal activities from Saph and Akai decides to take the opportunity to get involved and show she’s capable of handling herself.

As far as gameplay, Kitaru sounds like a bit of a melting pot. There are apparently turn-based battles with time-altering abilities for party members, mini-games, plenty of ways to interact with NPCs and an assortment of areas to explore. Aoineko also says there will be different kinds of assassin-style tasks from Saph that Akai will also have to address during the course of the game. To make things even better, Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto, Tales of Vesperia, Persona 4) and his wife Tara Platt (Hyperdimension Neptunia, Naruto, Tales of Graces) will be voicing the main characters.

The Kitaru Kickstarter is off to a great start. The project ends June 3, 2012 and the company has already received $13,862 towards its $25,000 goal. The more money Aoineko gets, the less time it will take to finish the game and make it real. So if you want a new Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and ultimately Linux RPG, you should consider contributing. The basic $15 reward gets you the DRM-free version of the game and a pre-release copy, as well as an extra in-game item and wallpaper. Spending more can get you access to developer blogs, soundtracks, a comic book, original sketches, video conferences, a poster, in-game advertising or more. Spend enough and you could even get Yuri Lowenthal or Tara Platt to record your voicemail message.

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